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Regional Policy

We provide tailored and reliable services for actors at regional, national and European level involved in the implementation of cohesion policy.

Regional Policy

The funds of the Cohesion Policy support the regional economic development of Europe’s cities and regions. Within the framework of cohesion policy, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF) and European Territorial Cooperation (ETC/Interreg) are particularly important instruments to promote growth, employment, cooperation and territorial convergence.

We provide tailored services to public institutions such as the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions or the European Commission as well as national and regional governments on issues related to Cohesion Policy. Our long-standing expertise in qualitative and quantitative evaluation and analysis methods enables an effective and in-depth evaluation of regional funding programmes. We analyse the reasons for success and potential for improvement in those programmes. This expertise also feeds into the preparation of future programmes and the development of realistic and usable recommendations. Thanks to to our language and regional competences, as well as our network of experts, we are able to conduct EU-wide studies.


Our services:


  • Ex-ante and ex-post evaluations of ERDF, ESF and Interreg programmes
  • Strategic environmental assessments (SEAs) of ERDF and Interreg programmes and projects
  • Preparation of ERDF and Interreg programmes
  • Socio-economic impact analyses of EU funding programmes
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