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Urban development

We accompany urban policymakers and administrations in the development of a high-quality, sustainable urban environment.

Urban development

Cities fulfil a variety of important functions. They include places of residence for the urban population. At the same time, they are also places of work, education and health care as well as centres of cultural and recreational facilities for the entire region. Urban development planning takes place at different scales – from the city as a whole to the district level. Different fields of expertise must be involved in order to take into account the respective needs of the local people.

We support urban policy-makers and administrations in the high-quality, sustainable spatial development of their cities. We offer expert advice to the actors as well as the management of planning processes on urban development topics.


Our services:

  • Urban development planning
  • District and neighbourhood planning
  • Smart Cities
  • Interface to real estate development
  • Urban planning procedures
  • Centre development and vacancy management
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Redesign of the Split harbour area

Part of the project “Split Urban Regeneration Masterplan

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STEP Mid-term evaluation 2010

STEP Mid-term evaluation 2010

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