There are improvement plans discussed for the rail connection between Berlin and Gorzow Wielkopolski covering the expansion and acceleration of the line. However, before the corresponding funding can be provided, possible consequential effects of the expansion are to be examined at the territorial level in order to weigh up the advantages and possible disadvantages for the region.

Regional effects of cross-border infrastructure; © ÖIR GmbH

As part of a pilot action on the Territorial Agenda 2030, ÖIR developed a methodology for territorial impact assessment for cross-border infrastructures: RITA – Regional Infrastructure Territorial Impact Assessment. The methodology was subsequently applied and tested, and the results presented at a final conference to political representatives from Germany and Poland.



Period: 2022
 - 2023
Client: Joint State Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg

Partner: Regionomica GmbH, Dr Peter Ulrich (University of Potsdam, Institute of Municipal Sciences)

Methods: System-dynamic pictures, Regional lab, Conference, Relevance matrices, Moderation, Impact analysis, Workshop, Thesis development, GIS-Analysis, Scenario technique, Mapping, Cost-benefit analysis, Statistical analyses

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