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Freight traffic

We support private and public actors in questions related to cargo transport, including both rail and road transport.

Freight traffic

Shifting freight traffic to rail is a key concern of transport and climate policy. It is our goal to assist you with that shift.

Our tailored freight analyses provide evidence for transport planning process. We analyse the possibilities for wagonload, unit trains or combined transport and assess the feasibility on various rail routes. To this end, we analyse and forecast freight traffic flows, apply our traffic models, and develop measures and recommendations. Our assessments actively incorporate economic issues, as in the case of truck tolls or the elasticity of transport costs.


Our services:


  • Freight traffic forecasts
  • Analysis of freight traffic potential
  • Large-scale estimation of potential through input-output matrices
  • Combined transport
  • Modal shift calculations and truck tolls
Querschnitt Ostgrenze Österreich insgesamt bis 2018 Transportentwicklung im österreichischen Donaukorridor (Mio. Nettotonnen). Quelle: ÖIR, eigene Berechnungen auf Grundlage Statistik Austria, Verkehrsstatistik, EUROSTAT, BMVIT Extrastat-Statistik, ELWIS, Hochrechnung ÖIR (2018 Straße ausländische Frächter)
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Transport development in the Austrian Danube corridor

Part of the project “Freight traffic in corridors – traffic development until 2018” [in German]

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Analysis “Neue Ostbahn”

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