All across Central Europe space rail freight transport dramatically lost market shares. To reverse this negative trend huge investment programs are under way with a focus on main corridors. Complementary to this initiative REIF aims at increasing the modal share of rail freight transport through mitigation measures for the regional rail feeder system. In particular, REIF is tackling relevant challenges related to lacking connectivity at regional level.

ÖIR identified the infrastructural bottlenecks in the Styrian rail infrastructure & service and analysed the regional market potential for rail freight services. Special attention was given to the transport potential of the Styrian Weizer Bahn by means of deeper statistical analyses and company surveys in the region.

Furthermore, priority measures for the improvement of the regional rail infrastructure were defined and a roadmap how to realise the interventions was drawn up. It describes the next steps for the implementation of the priority rail freight transport projects in Styria. Finally, the results of REIF have also been included in the Styrian Freight Transport Master Plan.



Period: 2020
 - 2022
Client: Office of the Government of Styria, Austria
Methods: Traffic forecast, SWOT-Analysis, Document analysis, Expert dialogue, Statistical analyses, Applied info graphics

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