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Services for municipalities

We advise municipalities in strategic decisions in the field of spatial planning.

Services for municipalities

Municipalities play an essential role in local spatial planning decisions in many regions and countries. As such, they also bear a high responsibility for sustainable spatial development.

We support municipalities and cities in this consequential and often challenging task. We advise municipalities on their strategic decisions in spatial planning. This ranges from the development of municipal development strategies to spatial compatibility issues for projects to the setup of a new local planning office. We help you to translate the numerous external requirements into daily spatial planning practice. In these questions we emphasise our neutral role, liaising between the different interest groups and providing our client with an external expert perspective.


Our services:


  • Selection process for new local planners
  • Development of community strategies
  • Area demand forecasts for housing & economy
  • Regional planning expert opinions & zoning reports
  • Regional economic analyses
  • Spatial compatibility of planned projects
  • Seminars on spatial planning policy at the municipal level
  • Mobility concepts for public transport
  • Accessibility studies
  • Accompaniment of urban planning projects
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