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Solar energy

We support public and private actors in estimating expansion potentials of solar energy plants at potential sites. We provide specialised services, such as the required spatial planning processes necessary for the development and expansion of solar energy plants.

Solar energy

Photovoltaic plants the key tools to achieve sustainable energy and climate targets, as lined out in national and European legislation. Regions, cities and municipalities increasingly face the question of identifying suitable locations for photovoltaic plants on buildings and in open spaces. In this context, diverse factors from of spatial planning as well as environmental conservation and the town- and landscape planning are essential to take into account in the transition to net neutrality.

We assess the potential for expansion at suitable photovoltaic sites and support the spatial planning processes for the cities, municipalities and energy producers, amongst others. Our fields of work include developing suitability criteria for planning, regional zoning, preparatory work for zoning and the photovoltaic planning on open spaces and buildings.


Our services:


  • Consulting in criteria for suitability, exclusion and conflict of photovoltaic plants
  • Development of framework guidelines
  • Zoning for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants
  • Site assessments for photovoltaic plants
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Suitablility of photovoltaic plants in Burgenland

Part of the project “Zoning of photovoltaic systems on open spaces in Burgenland”. To the project [in German language].

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