Due to deficiencies in rail connections and with regard to a sustainable transport policy, it’s an important aim of the Styrian transport policy – especially the Styrian capital Graz as TEN-node and transportation hub – to position itself within the international, national and regional rail network. A key element of this policy is the extension of the Pyhrn axis for creating a direct rail connection to Croatia, the Adriatic Sea and South East Europe. This can be ensured with an extension of the rail link between Maribor and Zagreb. The study examines:

  • Potentials of the transport demand and effects on the transport network
  • The strategic importance of a direct rail connection between Maribor and Zagreb
  • Alternative routes including a rough estimation of construction costs.

Styria and Croatia expect from a direct railway connection between Maribor and Zagreb the improvement of international accessibility, greater spatial integration of the European railway network and a positive impact on the market share of the rail.



Period: 2007
Client: Office of the Government of Styria (Dept. 18A), Chamber of Commerce Styria, Austria

Partner: Heinz Petzmann (AVT)

Methods: Traffic modelling, Traffic forecast, Traffic effectiveness analysis

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