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European Policies

We support EU institutions, such as the European Commission and the EU Parliament, in the analysis and evaluation of transposed directives and implemented regulations. Additionally, we contribute to various policies’ preparation process by conducting Territorial Impact Assessments (TIA) of policy proposals.

European Policies

ÖIR delivers research and analysis services for the various EU institutions – providing concrete policy recommendations on the basis of our analyses. Our core activities include the analysis and evaluation of regulations and directives, both ex-ante as well as ex-post. We conduct impact assessments – in particular Territorial Impact Assessments (TIA) of policy proposals. These provide insights into economic, environmental, social and governance factors. The impact assessments are conducted among other methods using the ESPON TIA Tool. Due to our language competences, as well as our network of experts, we are able to conduct EU-wide studies.

Our services:

  • Analysis of EU policy proposals
  • Evaluation of implemented EU policies
  • Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA)
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Impact of border cooperation between Romania and Bulgaria

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