How can territorial effects of INTERREG programmes in an ex-post situation be measured? This question is addressed in a project by ÖIR in a consortium with 8 international partners who developed a method for “Territorial Impact Assessment” (TIA) for cross-border cooperation programmes (INTERREG A).

A throughly documented, well structured 5 step process ensures reproducability and reliability of the results in the context of the specific challenges faced by cross-border cooperation programmes. Apart from geographical and thematic extent of the programmes especially the availability of statistical data across national borders is a common problem. Thus the developed TIA CBC method has to combine quantitative-statistical with semi-quantitative and qualitative methods, in order to depict the net-impact of the programmes on their respective regions.

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The developed method has been tested and refined in 5 case studies on INTERREG A programmes running in the 2014-2020 period. The result is a compendium of methods in the form of a handbook, which enables current and future CBC programmes to tender for and conduct a Territorial Impact Assessment of their programme on the basis of the ESPON TIA CBC project.



Period: 2018
 - 2019

Partners: blue! advancing european projects GbR, M&E Factory Ltd., Maastricht University, Nord-regio, Red2Red Consultores, S.L., University College Dublin, University of Liverpool

Methods: Stakeholder dialogue, Workshop, Statistical analyses, Moderation

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