This study investigated the relationship between Cohesion Policy and the functioning of the EU’s Single Market, in particular the role and contribution Cohesion Policy intervention for the performance of the EU’s Single Market and the spill-over effects of Cohesion Policy spending. To do so, the study examined the historical evolution of the Single Market and Cohesion Policy. It also linked member state contributions to the EU budget and funding from Cohesion Policy, as well as the latter’s economic and noneconomic spill overs. RobsonPL
European Committee of the Regions, ©

The ÖIR team analysed the impacts of Cohesion Policy spending on EU member states, identifying indirect spillover effects of Cohesion Policy in order to better understand the extent to which all member states and regions benefit from Cohesion Policy interventions.



Period: 2023
Client: European Committee of the Regions (via Spatial Foresight)

Partner: Spatial Foresight

Methods: Document analysis

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