The aim of the study was to provide the members of the European Parliament with an overview of the implementation of the CAP 2023-2027 through the 28 CAP Strategic Plans. It analysed their contribution to the CAP objectives and the Green Deal and assessed the added value of the new CAP approach – including concrete and practical recommendations. The first recipients of this study are the members of the AGRI Committee, for whom it is intended as an aid to decision-making on similar and related matters.

As lead partner, ÖIR coordinated the project. The work of text analysis was done by standardising the extraction of text passages and data using data and text mining tools. The project team also organised group interviews with experts from the European Commission as well as national experts to obtain in-depth information and validate preliminary results.



Period: 2022
 - 2023
Client: European Parliament, Direction B – Structural and Cohesion Policies

Partner:  ADE S.A.

Methods: Mapping, Statistical analyses, Contribution Analysis, Focus group, Intervention logic development, Document analysis, Analysis of financial data, Automated text analysis, Expert dialogue

Project team

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