The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) commissioned an international consor-tium consisting of Trinomics, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting and LDK Consultants to draw up the “Green City Action Plan” for Bucharest. A team of experts, including ÖIR, was responsible for the analysis of the individual urban development topics. The aim was to support a planning and decision-making process in which Bucharest’s environmental challenges were systematically assessed, prioritised and covered by relevant policy instruments and sustainable infrastructure investments.

Bucharest, © CristianChirita_CC-BY-SA-30

As part of the expert team, ÖIR contributed a technical review and proposals for strategic approaches to the urban development topics of “sustainable, land-saving land use” and “urban green spaces”.



Period: 2023
 - 2024
Client: Trinomics, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting, LDK Consultants

Partner: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (via Trinomics)

Methods: Document analysis, Expert dialogue, Data screening, Statistical analyses, SWOT-Analysis

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