Territorial Impact Assessments using the TIA Quick Check provide information on the spatial distribution of the impacts of policies and programmes. At the national level, higher spatial resolution and higher level of detail of the data are required compared to the EU level. Moreover, no tools to support the process in the national context have existed for Romania so far.

TIA-Tool for Romania; © ÖIR GmbH

The project team developed a methodological approach and an associated Excel tool to make the TIA Quick Check methodology usable for the Romanian national level. Data for over 3,000 municipalities were collected in a database. Subsequently, a training session was held for the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development to facilitate the actual application at national level.



Period: 2023
Client: World Bank
Methods: Moderation, Database-management, Workshop, Accessibility analysis, Vulnerability concept, Impact analysis, GIS-Analysis, Forecasting/Backcasting, Mapping, Learning Labs, Data screening, Trainings, On-site research, System-dynamic pictures, Interpolation

Project team

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