In order to assess the territorial impact of EU policies at the regional level, ÖIR developed the TIA tool in an ESPON project in 2012. In the third update project 2020-2022, further functions and methods were developed and implemented which allow for the use of NUTS2021 data, use of composite indicators and updated cross-border indicators. Furthermore a series of workshops and trainings were held.

ESPON TIA Tool, mapping; © ESPON 2022

The ÖIR conducted around ten TIA workshops on topics ranging from “Climate Targets 2030” to “Trans-boundary Health Risks”. In addition, 5 training courses were held. In this context, the “TIA Curriculum” for the training of TIA facilitators was completed for the first time.



Period: 2020
 - 2022

Partner: Laurentia Technologies

Methods: Workshop, Vulnerability concept, Mapping, Data screening, Webtool-Development, Accessibility analysis, Trainings, Moderation

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