Five years after the adoption of the Urban Development Plan of the City of Vienna in 2005 the embodied goals and visions were due to be reviewed. ÖIR provided a mid-term evaluation of the STEP’05 based on the analysis of changing framework conditions since 2005.

The OIR took over the process design and facilitation. In several workshops and interviews, the status of implementation was evaluated covering the following fields:

  • Housing and demography
  • Economy
  • Regional context
  • Green areas
  • Key areas of action

Based on the findings conclusions and recommendations for future sustainable urban development were presented and a progress report was published by the City of Vienna.



Period: 2009
 - 2010
Client: Municipal Dept. 18

Partners: Cornelia Krajasits (ÖIR Projekthaus), Matthias Thoma (EPB – Ernst Basler und Partner)

Methods: Moderation, Workshop, Mapping

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