PLANET CENSE is a network of national spatial planning institutions and experts established as a consequence of the VISION PLANET project. It aims at pursuing and developing further the policy options laid down in the VISION PLANET project documents. The network will foster spatial integration and a cross-sector dialogue with:

  1. The European Spatial Planning Gateway (ESP GATEWAY): expert dialogue, research information and knowledge exchange on the application and further development of ESDP.
  2. The Forum for Territorial Impact Analysis (TIAn FORUM): It offers an opportunity to develop and test the application of the planning instrument TIAn at transnational and cross-sector level.
  3. The Planet Cense Conference: The conference will review on expert level the progress made in transnational spatial development so far and select politically viable and sound measures for implementation in international (political) processes, building on the results of the ESP Gateway and TIAn FORUM.

The OIR served as lead partner for the international consortium management.



Period: 2004
 - 2006

Partners: 25 partners from 15 countries

Methods: Traffic forecast, Workshop, Traffic modelling

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