The Danube section east of Vienna shows deficits in the fields of hydro-engineering, inland navigation and ecology calling for extensive action. The Integrated River Engineering Project on the Danube East of Vienna involves both improvements to navigation on the Danube and ecological improve­ments.
In March 2006, the Environ­mental Impact State­ment (EIS) on the Integrated River Engi­neering Project was filed with the competent authori­ties in Vienna and Lower Austria including an outline of all measures planned under the project.ÖIR evaluated the effects of different technical alterna­tives and prepared the Environ­mental Impact State­ment for the thematic fields of spatial development, tourism/recrea­tion, landscape, traffic and cultural heritage.



Period: 2003
Client: via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Partner: Working group Integratives Donauprojekt Österreich lead by Donauconsult Zottl & Erber GmbH and ÖIR

Methods: Stakeholder dialogue, Regional analysis, Regional lab

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