As a basis for the new EU programming period of the Structural Funds programmes, the Common Provision Regulation stipulates the obligatory implementation of “gender tracking” in order to follow the use of funding with positive effects on gender equality throughout programme preparation and implementation. To offer tailor-made support to the Member States, NIRAS and ÖIR were commissioned to update the gender tracking tool as part of the previous study on gender budgeting. The result is a step-by-step gender tracking tool, which includes an introduction to the topic, the presentation of relevant criteria and different examples, as well as practical assistance for the implementation of gender tracking.

Gender Tracking in the course of programme preparation and implementation © NIRAS/ÖIR

ÖIR contributed expertise on the content of the Structural Funds programmes as well as programming experience to the project. In cooperation with the gender experts of NIRAS, ÖIR elaborated explanatory texts for the Structural Funds programmes, contributed practical examples of implementation and created a straightforward Excel tool for categorising and calculating gender tracking in the context of programme preparation.



Period: 2021
Client: European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) (via NIRAS Sweden)

Partner: NIRAS Sweden

Methods: Document analysis, Stakeholder dialogue
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