The Committee of the Regions tasked ÖIR, Spatial Foresight and t33 with a report on the regional impacts of the Russian War Against the Ukraine as well as regional resilience and readiness in light of potential future shocks. Further, we also investigated the recovery package NextGenEU and the degree of regional embedding, both in preparation and implementation of the national plans.

In addition, ÖIR led a comprehensive case study analysis approach, investigating questions of regional resilience in detail, economic recovery from COVID-19 and first impacts of the Russian war against Ukraine. Key sources of evidence in this case study analysis were expert interviews with regional representatives, policy documents and regional indicators.



Period: 2021
 - 2022
Client: European Union, Committee of the Regions (via t33)

Partner: Spatial Foresight, t33

Methods: Document analysis, Expert dialogue, Case studies

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