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Spatial planning

To support sustainable spatial development, we develop decision-making bases and strategies to steer future development at the municipal, regional and national levels.

Spatial planning

Spatial planning affects all areas of life: settlement development and housing, economic development and jobs, transport, green and open spaces, public services, climate change prevention or adaptation and many more issues. The development of spatial plans for authorities requires coordination with stakeholders in addition to a targeted technical spatial analysis. This includes the creation of spatial strategies as well as the mediation of land-use conflicts.

We develop decision-making bases and strategies for the control of future-oriented and sustainable spatial development. To reach this goal, we combine our spatial analysis tools with interactive elements during the planning processes.

Our services:

  • Settlement development
  • Forecasts of population, workplace and traffic development
  • Building land demand calculations
  • Selection of local planners
  • Expert opinions on land use
  • Regional planning law
  • Land development
  • Megatrends of spatial development
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Population forecast Carinthia 2050

From the project “Evaluation of the Central Places Concept Carinthia” (in German)

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