The recent developments in the Sultanate of Oman in terms of economic development, rapid urban expansion, rural-urban migration and conflicting land-uses underline the necessity of an integrated overall development strategy, aiming at sustainability and a well-balanced development of all parts of the country. Thus, the Supreme Council for Planning in Oman has launched the development of the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS).

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The ONSS shall form the general framework for land use strategies, sustainable and equitable allocation of resources and well-balanced national and regional development policies. The ONSS shall provide guidance and directions for all lower lever hierarchies’ plans and for the consecutive 5 year development plans. ÖIR has been member of the Advisory Group, which supervised and supported the work the Supreme Council in the field of quality assessment. ÖIR attended the Steering Group meetings in Oman – on the level of the relevant Deputy Ministers – providing thematic inputs in the field of GIS, regional economics, spatial data and monitoring.



Period: 2013
 - 2016
Client: Supreme Council for Planning in Oman (via SPRINTconsult)

Partner: SPRINTconsult, Deutschland; TU Dortmund, Deutschland; Universität Münster, Deutsch-land; nova-Institut, Deutschland; ÖAR Regionalberatung, Österreich; Al-Balqa‘ Applied University, Jordanien


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