For the funding period 2021-2027, the programme for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) was again drawn up in Austria under the coordination of ÖROK. The programme addresses a wide range of topics from research and innovation, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation to sustainable rural and urban development.

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ÖIR carried out the strategic environmental assessment, including the involvement of authorities and the public, in order to identify the environmental impacts and to make recommendations for their improvement. In addition, the implementation of the Just Transition Fund (JTF) and the associated Just Transition Plan (JTP) was also reviewed as part of the SEA for the IBW/EFRE programme.



Period: 2019
 - 2022
Client: ÖROK – Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning (via convelop – cooperative knowledge gmbh)

Partner: convelop – cooperative knowledge design gmbh, clavis Kommunikationsberatung GmbH

Methods: Relevance matrices, Impact analysis, Document analysis, Workshop, Accessibility analysis

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