EU Cohesion Policy is often reduced to the cohesion funds in the public debate, but it is in fact one of the Union’s overarching objectives. Against this background, the project examined the “cohesion spirit” of policies and legal matters outside the classical cohesion funds.

Cohesion dimensions; © ECFR, 2019

ÖIR contributed to the project with methodological inputs to assess the “cohesion spirit” of the individual policies and legal matters. In a broad screening of public documents, policies were contrasted with the existing challenges of Cohesion Policy and conclusions about the effects were derived.



Period: 2020
 - 2021
Client: European Union, Committee of the Regions (via Spatial Foresight)

Partner: Spatial Foresight

Methods: System-dynamic pictures, Triangulation and synthesis, Thesis development, Document analysis, Analysis grid assessment, Focus group

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