In the course of the assignment, ÖIR conducted a review of the technical report ‘The Studies and Analysis of Status Quo of Smart Cities’. This technical report is the second one in a series of reports and tasks dealing with the topic of smart cites in Saudi Arabia. The review tackled the following issues: the general quality of the report, methodological and/or analytical relevance and credibility, relevance of the field cases and accuracy of narration of case study; and practicability and usefulness of suggestions and recommendations.

The review focused on the sheer definition and understanding of Smart Cities as presented in the introductory chapter of the study (ICT as key issue), but also provided with selected references for a broader definition as we understand Smart Cities from the comprehensive perspective of urban development in the actual European discussion.



Period: 2015
Client: Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs Saudi Arabia (MoMRA), via Suleiman S. Abu-Kharmeh, Professor, Senior Urban & Regional Planning Adviser
Methods: Document analysis

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