Key issues and questions for the future public transport network are transport- and costeffectiveness of public transport measures. How is it possible to convince future passengers to use public transportation and how is it possible to convey them economically? Which requirements to urban development and transport policy are necessary for efficient operation of public transport networks? The analysis highlights that investments in public transport infrastructure and in services that are oriented on the needs of customers, efficiency, environmental friendliness and high quality represent the main key for a future-oriented transport policy. The study gives answers on the future network configuration and operation, travel times, number of passengers and required intervals of underground lines, tram and bus lines. The analysis shows how to avoid overloading of individual lines and how a cost-efficient operation can be ensured. The assessed measures are shown in the illustration “target net”. The results of the study were partly included in the Urban Development Plan of Vienna – STEP 05.

The analysis of 2002 was updated in 2007 and adapted to changing conditions.



Period: 2002
Client: Vienna Public Transport Authority
Methods: Traffic forecast, Traffic effectiveness analysis, Traffic modelling

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