Arndt Münch from ÖIR and Monika Beck (ADE) presented the results of the study “Rural Areas – Levels of support and impact on competitiveness of farms” to the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament on 13 February 2024.

In this study, ÖIR and ADE analysed how the CAP and state aid support to farms affect farm competitiveness. Further, it assesses a series of challenges and drivers which impact European farmers in light of global and local developments. The level of CAP support to competitiveness is assessed, with a comparison between the 2014-2022 and 2023-2027 programming periods. The study also illustrates the Member States’ differentiated approaches to supporting competitiveness.

CAP 2023-2027 support to farm competitiveness (as a share of overall support), © European Parliament

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