Since the first of February, the ÖIR team is welcoming a new member. Edita Bednarova is from Slovakia and for the last eight years she is freelancing as a monitoring and evaluation consultant of development and humanitarian projects. She has participated in various development cooperation and humanitarian projects in countries such as Kenya, Afghanistan and South Sudan. Following this experience, in 2015 she founded her own consultancy company BEED.

Edita is joining ÖIR for two months on an internship under the EU funded programme MobiliseSME. Such exchange has been made possible thanks to the agencies of both countries which represent the programme at national level: for Austria the IFA (International Young Workers Exchange) and, for Slovakia, the CAMIT (Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce).

While ÖIR is analysing, on a daily basis, cross-border related issues, this programme concretely presents an opportunity to support exchanges and help develop skills and capacities of employees in different countries. In the spirit of mutual exchange and learning, Edita will be working alongside with the ÖIR team on various projects as well as tenders, and respectively bring her own expertise.

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