In autumn 2022, ÖIR presented the results of the study FIKUS – Financing Instruments for Small and Medium-sized Cities with a focus on the field of climate protection and climate change adaptation measures. FIKUS was prepared within the framework of the Smart Cities Initiative of the Climate and Energy Fund. Together with the Association of Cities and Towns, the project team – Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen, Ursula Mollay, Manon Badouix, Erich Dallhammer, Wolfgang Neugebauer and Bernd Schuh – conducted a comprehensive document analysis and numerous interviews and focus groups with municipal representatives and financing experts. The final report contains an overview of financing options for small and medium-sized cities, international case studies, an analysis of the framework conditions in Austria as well as conclusions and recommendations. Finally, an interactive decision support tool for small and medium-sized cities offers key information as a door opener for further consideration.

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