The main outcome of this project is an upgraded and updated ESPON TIA Tool, a Quick Check ensuring territorial impact assessment. This tool has been developed in the previous programming period in order to support policy makers and practitioners with identifying, exante, potential territorial impacts of new EU Legislations, Policies and Directives (LPDs). The project further developed a user‐friendly ESPON TIA web application by providing in addition the possibility to carry out Urban Impact Assessment, Cross‐border TIA and TIA focused on other specific types of regions.

ESPON 2017
User interface of the new TIA tool, © ESPON 2017

In addition, new and innovative functionalities are integrated. For example, the user now has the possibility to upload raw data into the tool, choose between different modes of normalization and use a wide array of mapping and data visualization functions. Existing datasets, typologies are also updated and new indicators added to the TIA Tool database, extending it to 62 indicators at NUTS2/3 level. This activity also supports the preparation, moderation and documentation of TIA workshops organized by main stakeholders like the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions. Training of potential moderators of the ESPON TIA tool is also ensured during the project.



Period: 2017
 - 2020

Partner: Laurentia Technologies


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