This spin-off project builds on the ESPON Tourism methodology. It intends to specifically support local policymakers and stakeholders in identifying and understanding their carrying capacity for tourism based on a range of available indicators in order to anticipate and counteract challenges of future tourism development.

Localisation of the studied area: Valchiavenna, © ESPON, 2022

ÖIR led a participa-tory stakeholder process with the aim to structure a tourism strategy, which takes into account the speci-fics of the moun-tainous region Val-chiavenna. The involvement of the regional stakehol-ders allowed taking into consideration the very specific geographical condi-tions of the inner area Valchiavenna in order to identify the potentials in the region. This process was moderated by ÖIR and accompanied by territorial evidence helping thus to shape the decisions within and for the region.



Period: 2022

Partner: Modul University Vienna GmbH

Methods: Document analysis, Workshop, GIS-Analysis, Accessibility analysis

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