The goal of the EU Renovation Wave is to double yearly energy-related renovation rates across the European Union by 2030. With the renovation of their building stock, regions and cities can make a substantial contribution to redu-cing energy and electricity usage, thus reducing their carbon foot-print. This study analysed key renovation concepts and approa-ches, as well as providing guidance to accessing renovation funding for local and regional actors.

The EU Renovation Wave, © ÖIR

ÖIR led the study, conducting a review of relevant EU initiatives and strategies, as well as mega trends affecting renovation activi-ties. Furthermore, this study inclu-ded a review of applicable EU Fun-ding options to promote the transition to energy efficient building stocks. The project team also assembled a compendium of available national funding possibilities for each of the EU-27 Member States.



Period: 2021
 - 2022
Client: European Union, Committee of the Regions (via Spatial Foresight)

Partner: Spatial Foresight, t33

Methods: Document analysis, Expert dialogue

Project team

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