The aim of this project is supporting the Interreg Alpine Space Programme in designing the post-2021 programme. The process is based on steps and methods that are designed to lead to a selection of most relevant and appropriate priorities, specific objectives and actions to be supported by the programme. Based on the intervention logic, an appropriate set of indicators is selected to help measure the impact of the programme. The methods involve a desk research into Alpine challenges, a close cooperation with programme bodies and stakeholders as well as several types of consultations with Alpine actors.

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The project team is working closely to support programme bodies with expert input in making strategic decisions about the orientation of the programme that would provide a strong and meaningful impact on the programme area. In this process, reflections are made on the lessons learnt in the past as well as on future challenges, megatrends and events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The programming will be closed with the approval of the Cooperation Programme by the European Commission in 2021.



Period: 2019
 - 2020
Client: Land Salzburg, Managing authority of the Interreg Alpine Space programme (via Rosinak & Partner ZT GmbH)

Partner: Rosinak & Partner ZT GmbH

Methods: Accessibility analysis, Document analysis, Stakeholder dialogue

Project team

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