In the revision of the Better Regulation Guidelines, Territorial Impact Assessment has become an important aspect of European policymaking. A sound knowledge of background, methodologies and practical experiences is important in this context. The European Committee of the Regions has thus tried to develop an overview of existing methodologies, their application cases as well as their potential future improvements.

TIA Quick Check Scheme; © ÖIR GmbH, Spatial Foresight Mcrit

ÖIR conducted a thorough literature screening and interviewed the leading experts in the field to create a compendium of methods. A broad range of methods was analysed in depth for strengths and weaknesses and classified along several categories. This included the assessment of their key areas of application and recommendation of individual methods for European, national and regional polices. Furthermore, the project team developed recommendations for the further development of methods.



Period: 2019
Client: European Union, Committee of the Regions (via Spatial Foresight)

Partner: Spatial Foresight, Mcrit

Methods: Triangulation and synthesis, Document analysis, Expert dialogue, Analysis grid assessment

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