In this study, ÖIR and ADE analysed how the CAP intends to support farm competitiveness in the 2023-2027 period. In addition, the study assessed the role of state-aid and the extent to which the needs of young farmers and women are integrated into the delivery of the policy. The level of CAP support allocated to improving farm competitiveness was assessed, comparing the 2014-2022 and 2023-2027 programming periods. The results of the study were presented by the two companies at the AGRI Committee in Brussels.

CAP 2023-2027 support to farm competitiveness (as a share of overall support), © European Parliament


Period: 2023
 - 2024
Client: European Parliament, Directorate B – Structural and Cohesion Policy

Partners: ADE

Methods: Intervention logic development, Analysis of financial data

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