In recent years, two major trends characterised the population development in Carinthia: In the peripheral areas as well as in those communities that have recently lost important enterprises as an employer, the population declined sharply. At the same time, the population in central Carinthia – especially the neighbouring communities of Klagenfurt and Villach – grew significantly. These trends are key challenges for the spatial development of Carinthia.

In a workshop with leading staff from the regional administration the draft results were discussed. The final results were presented in a forum on the future development of Carinthia and published.

To face these challenges, ÖIR has conducted a small scale assessment of the population development in Carinthia. Based on the existing population projections from Statistics Austria and the ÖROK a data set for future spatial planning in Carinthia was provided (for issues such as: residential development, public transport organization, social infrastructure facilities, etc.) on a subregional level.



Period: 2009
Client: Office of the Government of Carinthia, Department 20
Methods: Workshop, Statistical analyses

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