The overall aim of the project “New assessment of ESIF administrative costs and burden” was a comprehensive collection and analysis of the ESIF related administrative costs. The analysis centred on additional burdens and costs beneficiaries and relevant regional and national authorities encounter due to regulatory requirements.

Administrative burden in FTE per million EUR of funding, per fund and type of authority, © Spatial Foresight

The primary method of data collection involved extensive structured interviews with authorities and beneficiaries. The data collection proceeded in two rounds, in which the ÖIR was involved in the Austrian data collection. Necessary data was collected via face‐to‐face and telephone interviews.

Data was collected via complex questionnaires which allowed for the detailing of annual expenditure figures per function and associated estimations concerning the workload in FTE. Beneficiaries were contacted in a similar manner, albeit with a relatively larger focus on associated costs, as opposed to administrative burdens.



Period: 2017
 - 2018
Client: European Commission, DG REGIO (via SWECO)

Partner: SWECO


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