Within the scope of the transnational project DaHar (Danube Harbour Development) – a networking project of nine selected Danube ports – OIR compiled eight analytical maps of the major industrial sites in the Danube region. The study illustrates the logistic potential on the basis of a product-based potential analysis and a literature and data research for the branches agriculture, forestry, industry, mining and construction. Beyond the logistical potential of all Danube ports with a special focus on the DaHar ports (Enns, Bratislava, Dunaujvaros, Vukovar, Novi Sad, Lom, Giurgiu, Silistra, Galati), the maps also include the main freight transport network (road, rail, maritime) connecting the ports in the Danube region.

© ÖIR GmbH
© ÖIR GmbH

The synthesis map shows the high logistic potential in the Danube region and serves as an essential basis for the further strategic development of the ports.



Period: 2013
Client: Ennshafen OÖ GmbH

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