The ERDF-Programme for Berlin defines as its main objective the “Improvement of the international competitiveness and attraction of Berlin.” This shall be achieved through a programme with four main strategies and strategic objectives. The interim evaluation has analysed program¬me implementation and goal achievement in four priorities and also at the level of action areas. With the perspective of a potential strategy adaptation, two main analytical questions were raised:

  • Analysis of results and goal achievement: What is the overall performance of the OP Berlin with respect to outputs achieved and expected – or documented – impacts?
  • Strategy analysis: Considering results and the regional economic development perspective in Berlin, is the current programme strategy still adequate?

The focus is therefore specifically on the level of the programme as a whole. It aims to contribute to improving the implementation of the programme and achieving its objectives.



Period: 2011
 - 2012
Client: Senate for Economics, Technology and Women's Issues, Berlin

Partners: Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Karlsruhe

Methods: Stakeholder dialogue, Workshop, Statistical analyses

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