Cities not only emit a high proportion of global CO2-emissions, they can also make a significant contribution to achieving climate neutrality through suitable environmental initiatives. Compared to large cities, small and medium-sized cities have to cope with this transformation with limited financial and human resources. As such, the question of financing urban initiatives and infrastructure in small and medium-sized cities is highly relevant.

„Guide“ of financing instruments; © ÖIR GmbH

The study is based on a document and project ana¬lysis of existing FIs and supplementary interviews. Focus groups, national and international case studies complete the research design. Results of the study:

  • Overview of existing financing instruments at the national and international level that are relevant for sustainable urban develop¬ment in Austrian small and medium-sized towns
  • Insights into international case studies that have successfully used EIB loans and ELENA funds
  • Interactive information tool for small and medium-sized towns
  • Conclusions and recommendations


Period: 2022
Client: Austrian Climate and Energy Fund of the Federal Government

Partner: Austrian Association of Cities and Towns

Methods: Document analysis, Expert dialogue, Moderation, Case studies, Focus group, Standardised phone interviews

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