Europe and the EU are facing several mega trends and territorial challenges and regions have different territorial capital and potentials for development. Understanding the position of one’s region or city in a larger territorial context and inclu­ding a European perspective in strategy building and policy ma­king is of major impor­tance for utilising new and under­used territorial poten­tials. There are great potentials in the ESPON knowledge base for dealing with these chal­lenges and poten­tials. DeTeC is an ESPON scien­tific platform project that strives to enhance the accessibility of the ESPON knowledge base and to sup­port local and regional practi­tioners and policy makers by the following actions:

  • Conducting six regional workshops (“Regional Labs”) in Edinburgh (UK), Malmö (SE), Valetta (MT), Graz (AT), Bialystok (PL) and Szeged (HU), discussing the added value of ESPON projects, tools and data for regional and municipal stakeholders in spatial planning and regional development.
  • Developing an interactive handbook that provides hands-on guidance to methods, data, tools and good practices developed in ESPON projects which can help detecting territorial potentials and challenges in regions and cities. Combining ESPON results with local and regional knowledge is a focus of DeTeC.
Source: ÖIR, Nordregio, Polish Academy of Sciences
Source: ÖIR, Nordregio, Polish Academy of Sciences


Period: 2012
 - 2014
Client: -

Partners: Nordregio (Lead), Stanisław Leszczycki Institute of Geography and Spatial Organi­zation (Polnische Akademie der Wissenschaften)

Financed by: ESPON Coordination Unit,

Methods: Stakeholder dialogue, Conference

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