Policymakers in the field of territorial cohesion and development need evidence-based information that supports them in creating awareness on possible territorial impacts during the policymaking processes of sectoral EU policy and legislation. Within ESPON ARTS, OIR and its partners developed a hands-on, easily to handle tool for territorial impact assessment of policy interventions, like e.g. EU-Directives. A participatory workshop approach for identifying systemic relations was combined with a set of indicators to describe the sensitivity of European Regions. This allows a first assessment and cartographic representations of those regions that might be affected by an EU-Directive in the fields of economy, environment and society. The tangible product for decision makers has lead to a number of implementation activities of the project.

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Period: 2010
 - 2011
Client: -

Partners: Dipartimento BEST (Politecnico di Milano), OTB Research Institute (Delft University of Technology), PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)

Financed by: ESPON Coordination Unit

Methods: Moderation, Workshop, Statistical analyses

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