Whereas traffic growth in the Danube Corridor has been extensive in the past and growth continues in the aftermath of the 2009 economic crisis, the role of River Danube transportation still is modest. Partly these shortcomings are due to a lack of combined liner services on the Danube.

The objective of KoLEG Study is the implementation of a combined liner service between Enns and Galati. Consequently the liner service will address clients who need favourable and reliable connections between Western Europe, Austria and Romania, the Ukraine, the region of Krasnodar as well as other markets located along the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. The liner service will provide regular departures at Enns and Galati in order to reach a permanent shift from road to waterway transport.

The study KoLEG includes:

  • A market analysis, focusing on the economic potential of the liner service by investigating the foreign trade relations and transport volumes of Austria with the countries of the Black Sea Region and the Caspian Sea Region at present and its future development.
  • An analysis of transport modes within the study area, including travel times, quality of service, cost and logistic requirements for the combined liner service.
  • Two workshops will be held in Ennshafen and in Galati, where the benefits of the liner service will demonstrated and demand of future clients be enquired.
  • The findings will conclude in the elaboration of a business plan for the combined liner service.


Period: 2011
Client: Ennshafen OÖ GmbH

Partner: Navromsa AG, Alexandru Capatu

Methods: Statistical data screening, Expert dialogue, Traffic forecast, Transport market analysis

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