Within the framework of this project gender gaps in European Structural Investment Funds are identified and assessed. The project comprehensively analyses gender sensitive measures as well as work-life balance measures implemented across the EU within regional and national programmes. The overarching goals of the project are the following:

  • Develop recommendations for how gender mainstreaming through gender budgeting methods can be better institutionalised in the programming and reporting of the ESIF;
  • Design a tracking system for funding related to gender equality in order to support monitoring of progress within the ESIF;
  • Develop a model for reporting on integrated work-life balance initiatives that will enhance coordination and synergies between ESIF;
  • Elaborate practical step-by-step gender budgeting tools to be used by Member States in ESIF.
Gender Gap within ESIF, © ÖIR

The project results point towards a distinct lack of gender-sensitive initiatives within the individual operational and rural development programmes, however, progress has been made. Experts with gender expertise are more commonly involved the programming, as well as the monitoring processes. The developed gender tracking system allocates a weighting to each intervention according to its impact on gender inequalities, which enables an according overassessment of the fund.



Period: 2018
 - 2019
Client: European Institute for Gender Equality (via NIRAS Sweden)

Partner: NIRAS Sweden


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