In April 2022, ÖIR welcomed students from the master AUDIT (Rennes II University, France) on their study trip in Vienna. Erich Dallhammer and Manon Badouix presented the Viennese underground transport system and its recent developments with a focus on ÖIR’s contributions in the design of the lines U2/U5 and the public transport net analysis of Vienna. Afterwords the students went on a walk through the IBA quarter “Sonnwendviertel” and gained an insight into the Viennese social housing solutions and the legal and financial framework conditions in this quarter. Christof Schremmer led the tour and the group also benefited from the first-hand inputs from the neighbourhood management Sonnwendviertel through the person of Thomas Leimer.

We’d like to thank the U2xU5 InfoCenter and the GB* Stadtteilmanagement for their support in the organization of this afternoon, as well as the students and the accompanying professors Guy Baudelle, Jean-Francois Inserguet and Delphine Aillaud for their interest and participation.

The students from Rennes; © Guy Baudelle

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