On the 13th of February 2018 the project ‘Territorial Evidence Support for European Territorial Cooperation Programmes‘ started with a meeting in Luxemburg. The project which was tendered by the ESPON ‘European Grouping on Territorial Cooperation’ (EGTC) will be realised by OIR together with TU Delft, Laurentia Technologies, Nordregio, Politecnico di Milano and the European Policies Research Centre at University of Strathclyde and runs for 18 months. Aim of the project is to improve knowledge on the effects of cooperation programmes. This is achieved by developing synthetic territorial indicators in close cooperation with stakeholders from 12 European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programmes. Furthermore a tool supporting stakeholders within ETC programmes to assess the impact of their respective programmes is developed and integrated to connect to the INTERACT’s KEEP database. To ensure comprehensive and applicable results a series of workshops with stakeholders from the programmes is conducted and finally a handbook with best-practice user guidelines is published.


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