The public debate on environmental threats focuses more and more on the consequences of land take for urban development. The Austrian government has set the goal to reduce the additional daily land take from 12.5 hectares to 2.5 hectares in 2030.

The Austrian Institute for Regional Studies (ÖIR) contributes to this discussion by producing evidence-based data of the developments in the Austrian States (Länder) Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland on behalf of the Planungsgemeinschaft Ost (PGO). OIR analysis territorial patterns of land take along different types of regions and investigates the statistical evidence on the drivers of urban land take.

Erich Dallhammer, Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen, Cristian Andronic, Isabella Messinger and Ursula Mollay are forming the team of ÖIR.

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