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ESPON Tools Project “TIA Web Application”

Together with the Spanish partner AIDICO, ÖIR developed the ESPON TIA Web Application, a tool for assessing the spatial impact of EU-regulations. Besides the translation work of the already existing ESPON ARTS Quick Check into a user-friendly online web tool, regional sensitivity indicators were updated and a carto­graphic function for carto­graphic illustration of terri­torial impact was integrated. Interviews with relevant indi­cators were used to identify important characte­ristics and functions of the tool – the findings guaran­teed the inte­gration of major improve­ments.

Workshop findings: Conceptual model of the "Circular Economy Package" Source: Expert judgement of the CoR workshop in Brussels on 9 September 2014

The online tool has been tested in many workshops and events – both in Vienna and Brussels – and offers the possibility of illustrating the impact of EU policies for European regions in the fields of economy, environment and social issues. The tool is usually applied during an intensive workshop session and is based on an expert discussion. The ESPON TIA Web Application is freely available from the ESPON Website: http://tiatool.espon.eu/tia/   

Project team: Erich Dallhammer, Stephanie Essig, Jiannis Kaucic, Bernd Schuh

Partner: AIDICO – Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias de la Construcción)

Financed by: Ministry of the Interior of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, ESPON Coordination Unit

Period of performance: 2013-2014

Download: Project description