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Filling in Data Gaps in the ESPON Database

The main objective of the project is to collect count data and metadata, build up time series and fill in existing data gaps, related to the ESPON Database, on population data, employment by age group and gender and employment by economic sector, for NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 regions of Europe.

Source: ÖIR, 2014

The project contributes to increase the general knowledge on the current state of population development, the labour market and the economic structure in Europe and its regions and therefore provides updated and more extensive evidence in the field of territorial development. This update is part of a long-term strategy for keeping the ESPON Database up-to-date and useful in the context of European territorial analyses and continuous territorial monitoring.

Project team: Bernd Schuh, Florian Fasching, Jiannis Kaucic, Florian Keringer, Raffael Koscher

Partners: Spatial Foresight GmbH, t33 Srl

Financed by: ESPON Coordination Unit, www.espon.eu

Period of performance: 2014

Download: Project description