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CLISP – Climate Change Adaptation by Spatial Planning in the district of Liezen

Climate change will affect spatial development, including land use, socio-economic activities and life sustaining ecosystem services in the Alpine Space more severely than in other European regions.

The project CLISP “Climate Change Adaptation by Spatial Planning” assessed the impacts of climate change on the district of Liezen in Austria. In workshops with regional stakeholders the vulnerability and the adaptive capacity in the fields of tourism and spatial development were discussed.

An additional analysis aimed at answering the question, how do planning instruments fit to the climate change relevant goals? Based on this analysis recommendations for improving of the spatial planning instruments were elaborated in order to enhance their “climate change fitness”.

Project team: Erich Dallhammer, Heidi Collon, Raffael Koscher, Barbara Saringer, Gregori Stanzer

Partner: AVL (Prof. Pröbstl), ÖIR-Projekthaus, TerraConsult, Rosinak & Partner, TU Wien

Client: European Territorial Cooperation “Alpine Space” Programme (via Office of the Government of Styria, Dept. 16, Austria)

Leistungszeitraum: 2009-2011

Download: Project description